Canopy Cleaning

Drain Blasters Kitchen Canopy and Canopy Filter Cleaning Division specialise in the cleaning of commercial and industrial kitchen canopies / extractor units.

We Offer the Following Services

  • Drain Blasters does an entire cleaning of the extraction canopy.
  • We remove and clean the filters and assess if a new replacement is required.
  • The grease is removed from the vertical and horizontal connecting ducts, where possible.
  • Drain Blasters Kitchen Canopy and Canopy Filter Cleaning Division will issue a cleaning certifice on completion of the service, stating the date of the service, service procedure and next due date. These certificates are required by the Fire Department, Health Department and Insurance companies for inspection purposes in the event of a fire starting in the kitchen.
  • We use eco-friendly products which are water based and food safe.

Why use Drain Blasters?

Cutting edge technology

Drain Blasters only works with the latest technology and equipment, using high pressure water-jetting.

Portable equipment

Our portable equipment can be carried into buildings and lifts in order to access those hard to reach places.

Scalable Equipment

Our fleet ranges in capacity and size from 1 to 10 tonne waste removal capacity and drain clearing capabilities, suitable for residential and industrial blockages.


Highly experienced teams

Our teams are made up of highly experienced individuals who are professional and friendly 

24/7 Service

We are on call 24/7 to assist in the case of emergencies and short notice service

Competitive Prices

We offer highly competitive pricing while maintaining a high level of service