Liquid Waste Landfill Ban

Aug 23, 2019 | News

The South African Department of Environmental Affairs have implemented a ban on all classifications of liquid waste being disposed of at landfills. This ban came into effect on 23 August 2019. This ensures individuals, companies and waste service providers rethink the way in which they handle or dispose of their liquid waste.

Approximately one million tonnes of liquid waste is produced in South Africa every year. The government has taken a stricter stance on waste to landfill, as a means to manage the potential leak of hazardous waste out of landfills and into water systems and our environment.

The implication of this is that all liquid waste would need to be handled by a Specialized Liquid Waste Operator to ensure the “Cradle to Grave” process is adhered to. The onus falls on the waste generator to ensure that their waste is taken to appropriate facilities, such as composting farms, alternative energy sites and water treatment plants.

Consequences for mis-management of waste would be large fines and potential site closure.

With the new Landfill Ban of liquid waste, Drain Blasters strives to further our longstanding environmental vision of Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. This is implemented by finding strategic alternative measures to recycle all liquid waste collected, whether it be recycled for energy production, composting, liquid fertiliser or treated effluent.

Drain Blasters have successfully formed partnerships with various recycling institutions who provide our company with disposal certificates.

Drain Blasters are proud supporters of the Western Cape in this Liquid Waste Ban initiative and have taken active steps to ensure this is possible.

Drain Blasters are also proud members of the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa (IWMSA) and Organic Recycling Association of South Africa (ORASA), ensuring that we always remain abreast with any new and possible ways of environmentally and responsibly disposing of/or utilizing our country’s waste.

Contact us should you require a Site Audit on the way forward. We will help you to become Liquid Waste Compliant.