Liquid Waste

Drain Blasters offers a professional, socially responsible & price effective solution as a leader in liquid waste management.

Drain Blasters strives to further our longstanding environmental vision of Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. This is implemented by finding strategic alternative measures to recycle all liquid waste collected, whether it be recycled for energy production, composting, liquid fertiliser, bio-diesel or treated effluent.

    Drain Clearing

    Drain Blasters is the leader in the cleaning of both domestic and industrial drains, clearing blocked drains of all shapes and sizes. Whether the blockage has occurred in a toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior drain, sewerage or storm water line, Drain Blasters will assist.

      Dry Flood

      Water damage can be caused from flooding, burst geysers, burst pipes and fire damage. Dry Flood is a drying, water extraction, restoration and odour neutralisation specialist within the Cape Town area, servicing residential and industrial clients.

        Canopy Cleaning

        Drain Blasters Kitchen Canopy and Canopy Filter Cleaning Division specialise in the cleaning of commercial and industrial kitchen canopies / extractor units.

          Why use Drain Blasters?

          Cutting edge technology

          Drain Blasters only works with the latest technology and equipment, using high pressure water-jetting.

          Portable equipment

          Our portable equipment can be carried into buildings and lifts in order to access those hard to reach places.

          Scalable Equipment

          Our fleet ranges in capacity and size from 1 to 10 tonne waste removal capacity and drain clearing capabilities, suitable for residential and industrial blockages.


          Highly experienced teams

          Our teams are made up of highly experienced individuals who are professional and friendly 

          24/7 Service

          We are on call 24/7 to assist in the case of emergencies and short notice service

          Competitive Prices

          We offer highly competitive pricing while maintaining a high level of service