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DRAIN BLASTERS, established in 2007, is a leader in the cleaning of residential, commercial and industrial drains in the Western Cape. We are committed to providing outstanding and professional services to our clients. We believe that your experience with Drain Blasters can be summarised by our belief that “Customer service isn’t a department, it’s a philosophy!”

This is achieved with our highly experienced, passionate and skilled team of individuals. Drain Blasters clears any blockage utilising innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions.

At some stage, every household, building or property has experienced a blockage. Whether the water in your toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior drains, sewerage or storm water line has not drained as anticipated, we can assist!

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  • Drain Blasters only works with the latest technology and equipment, using high pressure water-jetting.

  • Our portable equipment can be carried into buildings and lifts in order to access those hard to reach places.

  • We provide high quality CCTV camera footage in order to detect and identify blockages.

  • We eliminate the infestation of vermin. Our team is made up of professional and highly experienced individuals.

  • Our prices are competitive.

  • We offer 24/7 services


  • Solids being flushed down toilets.

  • The build-up of fat, oil and grease from sinks.

  • Cement, sand and foreign elements trapped within lines. (especially common in property development)

  • Tree roots growing and interfering with the drainage system.

  • Solids and other foreign elements being disposed of in sinks, baths, showers and basins.

  • Foreign elements getting stuck in exterior pipes

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